Frequently Asked Questions

What ensures the correct size for the pipe liner?

Once the structure is measured by our certified installers, the liner is manufactured for each structure based on the specifications.

What ensures a good fit?

CIPM liners are cured with heat (>180°F) and under pressure to promote high bonding strength to the substrate. The pressure helps the epoxy resin penetrate the substrate, creating an anchor affect.

What are the liners typical applications?

CIPM Liners are often the preferred technology of municipalities, utilities and others for rehabilitating manholes and pump stations in sanitary sewers and other corrosive environments.

What About Groundwater Infiltration?

Designed to withstand ground water pressure between it and the host structure, the patented construction of CIPM liners stop ground-water infiltration and the extra expense it adds to sewage treatment.

Is Manhole Access In Any Way Restricted?

Manufactured to consistent standards in our production facility, CIPM liners do not significantly reduce the opening into the host structure. Typically, no more than 0.5-inch access diameter is lost.

Are Liners Affected By Freeze-Thaw Cycles, Or By Settling?

The PVC on our CIPM liners bridges potential cracks caused by settling, dynamic traffic flow and freeze-thaw conditions. The epoxy used in our CIPM handles freeze thaw cycles extremely well and has zero shrinkage. Together, the composite layers stop soil seepage into the manhole and the resulting settling in the asphalt around the frame.

Are There Other Benefits To The Liners?

Yes, many CIPM liners feature a white PVC protective layer which results in a brighter manhole for easy access and inspection. Also, any grease build-up on the PVC is easier to clean off.

What Causes Wastewater System Corrosion & Failure?

Hydrogen Sulfide gas is a natural byproduct of wastewater breakdown, released by bacteria in the wastewater system. This gas converts to Sulfuric Acid via the Biogenic Sulfide Corrosion process, which attacks concrete, steel, brick and most other materials. Our CIPM liner system completely blocks Biogenic Sulfide Corrosion, the associated deterioration, and subsequent groundwater infiltration.