Case Studies

Since their introduction in 1998, CIPM™ Liners from Alternative Lining Technologies have met the demands of countless commercial and municipal clients for projects both large and small. Read how these users have benefited by specifying our innovative, cured-in-place technology.

CIP Lining System Cuts Manhole I&I, Reduces Treatment Costs

Confronted with deteriorating manhole risers with inflows that frequently exceeded the 200,000 gpd limit of the municipality’s sewage treatment plant, Lower Frederick Township administrators in Zieglerville, PA faced constructing a larger facility – an expense which they could not afford.

While attending a state conference, Public Works Director Tom Manning discovered affordable, effective solution – CIPM™ Liners from Alternative Lining Technologies.

Installed in 40 manholes and used to patch leaks as well as replace risers, frames and covers on 40 more, these cured-in-place solutions cost $228,000 to install between 2006 and 2011, but reduced average flows by 30,000 gpd. Based on an estimated treatment cost of 6 cents per gallon, the municipality estimates the CIPM™ Liners savings at $70,000 each year, with an expected 50-year minimum life.

“Besides the annual savings in treatment costs, they saved us $8 million by delaying the necessity for a new treatment plant.” – Carol Schuehler, P.E.

Municipal Authority’s Manhole Liners Promise to Pay for Themselves

Seeking protection from unwanted infiltration into its sanitary sewer system, Pennsylvania’s Tunkhannock Borough Municipal Authority installed two CIPM™ Liners for manholes from Alternative Lining Technologies in the summer of 2009.

The purchase price of just under $10,000 to reline the two Tunkhannock, PA sanitary sewer manholes is estimated by borough authorities to more than pay for itself in the reduction of storm water entering the municipal authority’s wastewater treatment plant process.

The CIPM™ Liners are coated on one side with adhesive, inserted into the manholes, cured with heat and trimmed to pavement level – resulting in a relined manhole.